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    Artist: 11th Hour
    Album: Silence the Stones
    Release Date: Nov 10, 2017
    Quality: 320Kbps
    Style: Southern Gospel
    11th Hour consists of members Amber Eppinette, Jaquita Lindsey and Grant Gibson. The group has returned with a project that is in my humble opinion, the best album to date. After several number one hits from their previous project, What A Moment, 11th Hour would have to top the lyrics and arrangements. This was accomplished. Silence The Stones consists of heart-warming lyrics, a progressive country flavor and triumphant voices proclaiming the praises of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    Silence The Stones begins with the first radio single, “Doin’ What’s Right.” A mind-blowing progressive arrangement of a lyrically impressive song encourages the listener to walk the straight and narrow, as Matthew 7:14 proclaims. What more can you say than, “Mama knows best, better take her advice – ‘Cause you’ll never go wrong by doin’ what’s right!”?

    Grant is featured on several songs, including the hot barn-burner “God Will Deliver Me.” “Hallelujah” is a brand new song with a modern-hymn vibe. A lush orchestral arrangement brings the listener to complete weeping and rejoicing at the same. As with many of the songs, “Hallelujah” has a theme of worship.

    “I’d Like To Meet The Preacher” is quite possibly the best song on the project and if you’re like me, you’ll be flooded by a river of tears. Kenna West and Jason Cox teamed up with Amber to write a hit reminding the listener of the glorious moment of salvation, through those who led you to the cross at an old fashioned altar. This song is a GREAT pick for radio and could easily reach number one.

    In summary: tunes such as “Power in Prayer” and “I’d Like To Meet The Preacher” have a swing, mo-town feel with fresh and anointed lyrics. Features like “Doin’ What’s Right” and “I’ll Be The First One” compel the listener to stand to their feet, clap their hands and worship the almighty Jehovah God.

    Silence The Stones is slammed with incredible songs from writers such as Amber Eppinette, Kenna West, Lee Black, Phil Cross and many more. Amber co-wrote four out of 10 songs and is in NO wise the minority. Jaquita wrote the final tune, “Let Grace In.” Jeff Collins did an outstanding job producing the project’s arrangements. It’s one of his best. You can’t help but want to magnify the living Lord when you listen to this project. Well done, 11th Hour.

    1 Doin' What's Right 2:28
    2 God Will Deliver Me 3:51
    3 I'd Like to Meet the Preacher 3:45
    4 I Want to Praise Him 3:16
    5 Hallelujah 3:29
    6 I'll Be the First One 3:48
    7 Silence the Stones 3:13
    8 Power in Prayer 4:15
    9 I Want You Beside Me 3:43
    10 Let Grace In 4:13

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