Group Becky and Rhonda (from Brothers in Faith (A.C.C. affliate))

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    Artist: Becky and Rhonda
    Album: There's Something in the AIr
    Release Date: 1980s
    Quality: 160kbps
    Style: Gospel
    This is a group of singers/musicians from a 'sister-church' of the church I grew up in from the 80's. Not exactly sure when this album was recorded.

    Recorded from record to tape to digital. I've restored it as well as I could.

    01 - There's Something in the Air
    02 - (I Wish You All Would) Love Him Like I Love Him
    03 - Why Me Lord
    04 - Praise the Lord (He's Always There)
    05 - I Just Came to Talk with You Lord
    06 - It's Jesus and Me
    07 - Calvary's Way
    08 - Greater is He that is in Me
    09 - Given Them All to Jesus
    10 - We Have This Moment
    11 - Say I Do
    12 - I Come to the Garden Alone

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