Quartet Reunion - A Cappella (1988), Try Again (1988), Music City (1989)

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    Artist: Reunion
    Album: A Cappella - Music City - Try Again
    Release Date: 1988-1989
    Quality: 320 kbps
    Style: Gospel

    A Cappella (1988)
    1. How Rich I Am
    2. When I Get To Heaven
    3. His Name Is Wonderful
    4. Gotta Do Right
    5. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
    6. Gettin' Back To Basics
    7. I Know He Loves Me
    8. Nearer To Thee
    9. Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know
    10. Let There Be Peace

    Try Again (1988)
    1. Can He, Could He, Would He
    2. On The Wings Of The Spirit
    3. Following In His Footsteps
    4. When He Was On The Cross
    5. Try Again
    6. Move On Up The Mountain
    7. I'd Still Want To Go
    8. Strawberry Pie
    9. God Is So Wonderful
    10. Try Again (Reprise)

    Music City (1989)
    1. Only Love Can Bring
    2. Man In The Middle
    3. One More Time
    4. I Have You To Make My Dreams Come True
    5. Somethin' Got A Hold On Me
    6. Music City
    7. A Song And The Interstate
    8. Ain't What I Wanna Be
    9. After All
    10. When Jesus Comes

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