Quartet The Cumberland Boys - A Matter Of The Heart (1989)

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    Artist: The Cumberland Boys
    Album: A Matter Of The Heart
    Release Date: 1989
    Quality: 320 kbps mp3
    Style: Classic Southern Gospel
    The first time I ever heard of the Cumberland Boys was when I saw them at the 1989 Opryland Memorial Day gospel music festival. Being a musician, I am VERY picky with who I support by means of buying their music, but I was very impressed with the lineup, which consisted of brothers Depp and Bill Britt, Jim Worthing, and Steve Goforth, and so I purchased a copy of a brand new album they had just released, called "A Matter Of The Heart". I had heard their top ten hit "Hallelujah Heavenly Horn" on the radio, and thought they sounded really good, although not like most other SG quartets, so I purchased this album, and I still enjoy listening to it 28 years later. I'll Keep On Leaning became another top 10 hit for the group, and it boasts a solid set of songs, all of which were written by Depp Britt. This contains the original version of That's Pretty Amazing, which was redone for the group's Greatest Hits CD with a different lead vocal (I prefer the original), but other standout tracks include I've Touched The Hem Of His Garment, He Built A Bridge, Living Deep Within, and the title song. So here's an dose of early music from "Opryland's Gospel Quartet", the Cumberland Boys.

    1. A Matter Of The Heart
    2. I've Touched The Hem Of His Garment
    3. That's Pretty Amazing
    4. Steadfast On The Harvest
    5. If The Lord Says Seven
    6. I'll Keep On Leaning
    7. He Built A Bridge
    8. Living Deep Within
    9. A Church That's Unified

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