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    Artist: The Happy Goodman Family
    Album: The Happy Goodman Family Hour
    Release Date: 1974
    Quality: FLAC (lossless) 943 kbps
    Style: Classic Southern Gospel
    In 1974, The Happy Goodmans were on top of the Southern Gospel music world. Appearing weekly on "The Gospel Singing Jubilee" and playing sold out concerts across the country had solidified their place as one of SG's biggest and most popular groups. The group decided to have their own television program, and thus "The Happy Goodman Family Hour" was born. This album is a "soundtrack" album (sort of) from the TV program, and it featured the Goodmans, and their live band, as well as a young group of backup singers, who called themselves Voice Triumphant, and it featured a solo from a budding songwriter who played in the Goodmans' band...his name was Aaron Wilburn. While not in the "classic" vein of the group's albums of the 60's, it does contain some really good songs and performances. Check out Rusty's rendition of Kris Kristofferson's "Why Me, Lord", it's one of the better recordings of the song. Also of note, this album was the debut of a young tenor named Johnny Cook, who had been hired to sing Vestal's parts, as she was recovering from a heart attack, and this album just happens to include the ORIGINAL version of Johnny's stellar arrangement of Marvin P. Cook's classic "Looking For A City", which has since become an on stage staple of tenor singers, some of which still perform it today. Vestal is not on this particular recording of the song, even though it did become popular when she and Johnny would have a "contest" by raising the key of the song on stage. Of course, the most familiar track on this album is the biggest chart hit the Happy Goodmans ever had during their long career, that being Wilburn's "What A Beautiful Day (For The Lord To Come Again)". The song spent an amazing 11 months at #1 on the Singing News chart, making it one of the longest chart topping songs in SG history.
    This album showcases the Goodmans at one of the most successful periods of their historic ministry, and shows once again why they are not only legends in Southern Gospel, but one the genre's most popular mixed groups of all time.
    (I have uploaded this in lossless format, since some of the tenor vocals tend to push the limits of digital audio. I have also included a disc label for those who wish to put one on a burned CD)

    1. What A Beautiful Day (For The Lord To Come Again
    2. I'll Go Over Jordan Someday
    3. Over The Next Hill
    4. Everything's Alright (performed by Voices Tirumphant)
    5. Why Me, Lord?
    6. No More Time (performed by Aaron Wilburn)
    7. It Must Have Rained In Heaven On Crucifixion Day
    8. The Wicked Shall Cease
    9. Looking For A City
    10. Hallelujah I'm Going Home
    11. Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down (performed by Voices Triumphant)
    12. I Was Nothing

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