Quartet The Imperials - Sail On (1977) (Remaster)

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    Artist: The Imperials
    Album: Sail On (Remaster)
    Release Date: 1977
    Quality: 320 mp3
    Style: Classic CCM
    1977 was a big year for the Imperials. It started with two new members, baritone David Will (formerly of the Keystone Quartet), and lead singer Russ Taff, who had replaced Sherman Andrus and Terry Blackwood the year before. It also started with a new record label, as the group had ended its longtime association with the Benson Company's Impact records, in favor of Word Incorporated's new DaySpring record label.
    Of course, most everyone knows that the new lineup recorded it's first project with producer Gary S. Paxton, only to have it stored in the vaults at Word until it was finally released in 2006 as "The Lost Album". After rejecting the initial album the group had made, the Imperials then made history. They recruited up and coming record producer Chris Christian, and went back into the studio and recorded Sail On, and began a journey that led them to the very top of the CCM totem pole by the end of the decade.
    The title song of the album became the group's first number one Singing News hit, and southern gospel was again nodded to on the song Keep On Walking. I'm sure however, that most southern gospel fans just about had a coronary listening to the first track on the album, the legendary rocker Water Grave. It gave fans their first taste of Taff's phenomenal voice, and the rest of side one, with a diverse slate of contemporary styles, gave the fans the first hint of what was to come during the rest of the Russ Taff era.
    This album was a table setter for the amazing success the Imperials achieved during the 1977-1981 stint of this particular lineup, which is still the all time favorite edition for many fans, myself included. The two biggest chart hits from the album are the title song, which was a huge hit on both southern gospel and the newly established contemporary Christian radio, and Bread On The Water, which became a longtime staple in the Imperials' concerts, but the fact is there isn't a bad track on the album. It is widely viewed as one of the best classic CCM albums of all time, and rightfully so.

    1. Water Grave
    2. Satisfaction Guaranteed
    3. Gotta Watch, Gotta Pray
    4. More Each Day
    5. There Will Never Be Any Peace
    6. Sail On
    7. Keep On Walking
    8. Sonlight
    9. Bread On The Water
    10. Try Again

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